Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 6 - Jamaica - Christmas - Yallahs

Eric Joseph Call 
Hi Everyone,
This is Elder Call, but you already know that duhh!  How was all your Christmas seasons I hope you were able to enjoy the time with your families and remember the reason for the season.  Being in Jamaica for Christmas has been great and I've really seen what it means to remember our Savior during the Christmas season. He is the reason we have what we have; he is our brother, but he is also the one who saved us from falling into our sins. Jesus Christ will never abandon any of us; never leaving one behind, so why is it that so many of us want to leave him?  Just like a sheep we leave the flock because we think there is something better for us away from our Shepherd.  We always end up in a place unfamiliar and scary, but our Savior will always come looking for us we just have to accept his help and remember Him.  
The week was pretty Crazy we had our Zone Christmas party and I ate so much food it was way nice!  Christmas morning Elder Boyer and I opened up our presents from our families and on Christmas we Skyped with our families as well.  I enjoyed this very much and love and miss them all but I'm continuing to try and serve the Lord as best as I can because that is all our Heavenly Father asks of us is to try our best!  I hope everyone enjoyed your Christmas whether it had snow or was 90 degrees!! Continue to remember who you are and what you stand for and continue to live your lives to fullest.  
I love you all,
Elder Call

Elder Boyer and I makin some Breadfruit a big Jamaican like side dish!

     I found my first crab the other day doing impromptu service!


 Opening Christmas presents at 7 a.m.  - Sweet tie my mom gave me!


Our Christmas Dinner at Ninny's house they are a part member family.


Got to skype my dear family on Christmas Day - I love them!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 5 - Jamaica - Yallahs

Eric Joseph Call 
Hello Everyone,
Hope your week has been great and you are all seeing missionary work in your lives.  I don't have much time this week, but I will send some pictures of the only real big thing we did this week which was our branch Christmas party other than that it was just another week in Jamaica!! 
     I love how everyone is so caring about the time of year here for Christmas really a great time to connect with others and to help them feel the spirit and come unto Christ!  It's the reason for the season. Now if we all reach out we can light the world and help others come to know the church is true!
Elder Call
               Pictures from Branch Christmas Party - December 16, 2016


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 4 - Jamaica - Yallahs

Eric Joseph Call
 December 13, 2016 at 1:09 PM
Hello everyone this is Elder Call just saying WOW has this been a week to remember.  My faith has been tested so much throughout the first couple days.  Tuesday and Wednesday were super hard because all of Elder Boyer and I's appointments all fell through and challenging was not going well.  Finally I figured out late Wednesday night that the Lord sends us to the places that are hard or where we get rejected because of our faith.  He tests us to see if we really are willing to follow the will of our Father in Heaven.  WE were blessed with two new investigators Thursday and they both just helped me to see that the Lord works in strange ways. Babs is her name and she was interested but said she had already been baptized, but we continued to see her change throughout the lesson because she could feel the spirit.  We extended the invitation of baptism at the end and she said yes! I know Heavenly Father had to prepare us to listen to the spirit and know to just pursue just a little more with Babs.  
We had zone meeting today so last night we stayed with the zone leaders and the AP's in Kingston.  First, Kingston at night is beautiful and the zone leaders have a way nice apartment hahaha.  I had my first warm shower and it was great, but cold showers are always great to!
 As I strive to do my very best to follow Christ I have seen blessings come just through the simple things.  Like at zone meeting I learned to really listen to those small spiritual promptings even if they don't seem like much, it is better to act in Faith than to just give into temptation and to feel regret.  I hope you are all living your lives and doing very good.  I know this is the one true church on the earth and will continue to help others on the island of Jamaica know it as well.  Till next week 
Elder Call

                                                KINGSTON LIGHTS!

 P-day with the zone leaders and the AP's we went bowling and got Fro-Yo!!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 3 - Jamaica - Yallahs - Brihanna's Baptism

Eric Joseph Call
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all doing great!  Keep living your lives in the sight of God, because that's what matters in our lives to follow our Savior. This week has been a busy one my third week out and I had a baptism her name is Brihanna and she is 10 years old.  The spirit has been right at Elder Boyer's and my side this whole week.  We have worked hard and haven't had like any break time which is great because time fly's when you are serving with all your heart, might, mind and strength here in Jamaica. Wish I had more time this week, but I don't hahah.  I will send a better email next week.
Love Elder Call
                              Brihanna's Baptism - December 3, 2016
                                            Elder Eric Call baptized her! 
                             Elder Boyer -  Brihanna  - Elder Eric Call -   Elder Bennett 

                                                          Baptism in the Ocean!

Elder Eric Call - Elder Bennett - Elder Boyer - the boy must be Brihanna's brother.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 2 - Jamaica - Yallahs

November 26, 2016     
From:  Eric Joseph Call <call.eric@myldsmail.net
November 29, 2016 at 8:47 AM
Dad,  that's exactly right it is way hot here and I'm starting to adjust to the humidity, but its way hot here basically all the time.  This morning was a little chilly 70 degrees hahaha. It is a huge change from America but Mosiah 24:14-16 helped me to understand the lord will make the things that are our burdens will be made light and the things that are bothering me will no longer matter through the Lord.  He won't take away our burdens but he will make them easier for us.   
No big bucks yet huh?  That's weird, what are ya gonna do - you have to find em!  Has the rut started for them yet?  
I am very grateful to have a bike so nobody gets away from us ha.  A lot of people here actually are very laid back and relaxed, but some of them are also very rude haha.  The big thing around here is futbol.  Everybody plays it and I stink at it so much!  It'll soon come hahaha, but I did see a bottle of water around here and the brand is called cool runnings, kinda funny.  
The work is going well and the more I focus on the work the better I do about being here!  Tell Momma that I love her so much and have a couple questions if she could send me one of those jump drives you talk into then plug it in then I can talk to you about it all and will save me time with emailing and it is a hoax that anything you send gets stolen all the missionaries said that's a lie.  So huge favor if you put my protein in gallon bags they would fit in a pretty small package because I've made breakfast shakes like every morning and have to live on a budget!  Crazy to think I've been a missionary for a month now!  This work truly is the Lords work and I love ya Mom and Dad!
Elder Boyer just says they are called voice recorders momma and all I really need is the whey protein it's way to expensive here!  Optimum Nutrition is the best and I just need the Whey Protein and chocolate flavor pretty please hahaha.  I spent some of the ATM money I withdrew on taxi's and travel and food. We ate at KFC on Thanksgiving quite nice!  We were not able to leave our home after 3 o'clock on Election Day yesterday, November 28th to make sure we were safe because of all the craziness from it.
Elder Call  

Thanksgiving Dinner at KFC
November 24, 2016

​Here is Elder Galbraith, Elder Bennett, Elder Boyer and I we all live in Yallahs.  Together at KFC in Kingston for Thanksgiving!

​Elder Morris and I got to see each other at zone conference on Thursday!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 1 - Jamaica - Yallahs

From:  Eric Joseph Call 
Hello Everyone,  
  Wow has it been quite the week Elder Wilding, Elder Morris and I all arrived in Jamaica late Tuesday night, stayed at the mission home and then got ready for the big day on Wednesday.

  I met my companion his name is Elder Boyer and he rocks; like the best trainer ever!  I'm serving in Yallahs which is down by the southeast corner of the Island and is also dryer than I thought it would be!
  The people here are great!  I love our little branch of about 40 members here!  I'm still adjusting - haha, but it really is a great place!  Elder Boyer is the Branch President and I'm his Clerk so we have a lot to do in the Branch and then on top of that we have missionary work!  It's great though.

   Actually today while we were at the store in Morant Bay we talked to a man in the grocery store and it was amazing; he told us "I've been searching for the truth my whole life and I am still yet to find it".  So what did we do?  We talked with him of course and we left him a pamphlet and also a Book of Mormon which we don't usually do; but we were prompted and he said he would like to check it out.  He is out of our area so it's in the other missionaries hands but I hope it all works for him.

  Well, I want you all to know I love you and you're all great in the sight of God. Keep up what your doing and no worries MON
Elder Call


No pictures sent with email this week - hopefully he will send pictures next week! 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Arrived in Jamaica - November 15th & 16th, 2016

               L to R - President Pearson, Elder Austin Morris, Elder Austin Wilding, Elder Eric Call
They arrived safely at the Jamaica airport 
about 8 p.m. on November 15, 2016 

 Eric's trainer/companion is Elder Boyer from Cedar City, Utah.

His first night in Jamaica he stayed at the mission home in Kingston and the next day, Wednesday they had training meetings with all their trainers.

Sister Brown, the office secretary was so kind and sent these photos via email to the families!

The time has arrived for these new 
missionaries to move their feet!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15, 2016 - Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport - November 15, 2016
  • Eric pulling Sunny Christensen riding on his luggage- Nicole Christensen and her two boys Dash and Sunny were on the same flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas/Fort Worth and then from there to Miami.  Eric, Sunny and Dash became instant pals!  Nicole let Eric FaceTime me with her iPhone!  It was a wonderful surprise to be able to see and talk to Eric via FaceTime as he was on his way to Jamaica!!!  I am grateful for kind people like Nicole who was my airport angel this day and befriended three missionaries on their way to Jamaica!!!   
Eric and Sunny

Eric, Dash and Sunny on Eric's luggage

                       Elder Eric Call, Elder Austin Morris and Elder Austin Wilding 
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

False Alarm!

 Mission Call changed to Colorado Denver North Mission on Missionary Portal Website

From: Eric Joseph Call 
Hi Momma! I'm emailing you because you are right - I will be in Denver Colorado for six weeks and well I'm telling you it's gonna be real cold in Colorado and I thought you could send me some warmer clothes and like some under armour base layers and you have to get the 2.0 not the 3 or 1 and maybe a couple coats and jackets.  I love you so much and want you to know that God's plan for me is quite challenging right now but I know I'm needed in Colorado!
From:  Eric Joseph Call 
Uhhhhhh!  FALSE ALARM!  The travel office called us down about 5 minutes after we got our stuff for departure dates to certain places but we the travel center has Elder Morris's, Elder Wilding's, and my Visas! So we are still going to Jamaica I'm so excited!!!!

Mission Call changed back to Jamaica Kingston Mission on Missionary Portal Website!! YEAH!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 2 - MTC

Nov 3, 2016 - Eric and Elder Hansen the day Elder Hansen left for Canada

Studying at the MTC

Me and Elder Morris in our "Oh so fun classroom!"
MTC District
Provo Temple - November 8, 2016
                                             November 6, 2016   Elder Harris, Elder Call
                                         Sister Camarena, Sister Jones, and Sister Houghton

Eric Joseph Call 
Hello everyone!  Wow what a week it has been at the MTC.  Well for our devotional last Tuesday Russel M. Nelson came to speak to us and let me just say it is incredible to be in the same room as an apostle of God!  He is like a spiritual mountain immovable by the tempestuous winds of the world.    I could feel his love just by being in the room and that made me think, imagine our Father in Heavens love he has for us and what he wants for us!  Teaching investigators is the best!  Sitting in class kinda stinks but I'm getting used to it now that I only have one week before I leave the MTC to ship out to Jamaica.  I'm so excited to get out into the mission field as much as I love the MTC I'm ready to get out there!
1.  Momma I haven't checked at the travel office but I'll check this week!
2.   I did and I want to tell you I love you and thank you for the reference of Mormon speaking to       Moroni it was a real Faith builder!
3.   I received all packages you sent me including the cupcakes hahaha thank you I haven't been eating healthy oh well I guess!
4.  That all sounds good with me and another pair of shorts too and send one pair of my suit slacks as well!  
That's cool not to shabby and hows all the kiddo's and everybody around the place!?  I will send another email of pictures as soon as I figure it out today!  
I love you too momma and i sure do love this church and how i can finally see how much it has really blessed me in my life!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 1 - MTC

                                                 MTC DISTRICT - October 30, 2016
                          Back Row- L to R:  Elder Kenneth Rothe, Elder Austin Wilding, Elder Morris, 
                                  Elder Eric Call, Elder Cody Harris, Elder Jordan Rasmussen
                                Front Row- L to R: Sister Emma Houghton, Sister Julie Jones,                                                           Sister Camarena, don't know 4th Sister, Sister Josie Grajek
                                                 October 30, 2016 MTC/Provo Temple
                              L to R:  Elder Morris, Elder Eric Call, Elder Rothe, Elder Wilding
                                           Elder Harris, and Elder Rasmussen - All going to Jamaica
                                           expect Elder Rothe, he is heading to Idaho Falls, Idaho!
                                               Eric took a picture of his CTR ring with the 
                                                     Provo Temple in the background.  
Hi Momma -  I feel your love everyday as I'm sitting in class hahaha.  Man the worst part about the MTC is sitting in class, but this place is of the Lord I love it here!  Some days seem like forever though!  Make sure to forward this email to all those on my email list including all the missionaries on it.  Well,  first I guess I'll tell ya what I need - first, I need a headlamp or a flashlight or something! Also my rugby ball please haha we could use it when in our dorms and we need some entertainment, another pair of slacks preferably slim fit mom haha but anything works, I need a few more p-day shirts and shorts maybe a pair of sweats.  Also another long sleeved shirt and that one definitely needs to be a little better fitting.  SNACKS!  Another watch is really needed I think one with a leather strap would be awesome and somewhat nice probs wouldn't wear it alot in Jamaica but I could to meetings and such!  Body wash mine has somehow disappeared I don't even know how! And the last two things would be a couple more sweet ties no more blue I have plenty of that - some different colors and the bed sheets you gave me suck I really need some new ones.
Well anyways I have learned to love this gospel so much and feel God's love more and more every day.  I have taught a few of my investigators and wow its awesome the spirit is so strong when me and Elder Morris are teaching.  One of our investigators was a struggle, he has no religious back ground whatsoever but he's very nice, and our other investigator Sister Westbrook is doing great we have asked her to pray about the Book Of Mormon, the problem is we Skype her because she has been at a cancer center recently.
Tell everyone I love them and so happy you were able to find those pictures I'll send some of my own next week I wont be able to respond to everyone most likely today love you

Thursday, October 27, 2016

MTC in Provo, Utah - October 26, 2016

                                                     Brunch at iHop before heading up the hill to the MTC.

 Favorite Mission Quote 
from Jeffrey R. Holland

Walking away with a smile!

That LOOK!!! Not sure about this!
                                                                                                         Called to Serve!!! Mom is shedding happy/sad tears!
   Leaving your child at the curb at the MTC and driving away         One of the hardest things a parent will ever love to do!!  

MTC in Provo, Utah - October 26, 2016