Monday, July 11, 2016

The Mission Call

Video of Eric opening his mission call!

JULY 11, 2016

Eric's mission call arrived in the mail on Monday, July 11, 2016
He was not home when his dad got the mail.
He had gone out to the desert to shoot his new gun with his friend, Ethan Eckersell
Dad called Mom at work and told her that Eric's mission call was here!
Mom immediately texted Eric's siblings and told them to be at the house
 around 7 p.m. because Eric would be opening his mission call.
MaKayla and Tanner were out at the desert riding motor cycles but they
did not know Eric was out there also.  MaKayla had received the text 
about the mission call arriving in the mail and then they seen Eric and Ethan.
She said to Eric "What are you doing out here?  Your mission call arrived
in the mail today!  Eric said "What the heck!  Mom didn't tell me!"  
They all loaded up and headed home to OPEN THE CALL!!   

Elder Eric Call you are hereby called to serve in the 

Kingston Jamaica Mission!