Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 26 - Jamaica - Spanish Town

 Chopping Nikola's and Tiesha's chard!!
 My shiny new machete isn't so shiny anymore!
 Nuff cleaning on Satday when Elder Elliott wasn't feeling so good!

I got all this fruit in the market for 4 American dollars!!! Nuff bananas and oranges!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 25 - Jamaica - Spanish Town

Eric Joseph Call 
Hello momma sorry I'm emailing so late we were at the doctors forever and had to get permission from president to email tonight!
I planned on opening the boxes you sent for my birthday on my birthday or this week.   I'm not sure what I will do yet.  The plan is to Skype you while we are at Bishops house and I will skype first at 6:00 so 5:00 your time!
 I will call you on Sunday to make sure everything is still good and all that!  My weekly email explains the week well, but other than the heading we really are very well and are going to give it our all this week no sickness holding us back!!  I love your story mamma about you and Kayla in the car it is amazing when we listen to the first promptings of the spirit because we have had a lot of crazy incidents this week as well.  I'm great and simply just honestly being positive and obedient and I know the blessings will soon come!  Love you very much mamma and I'm excited to meet Charlotte this week!! Love you
Elder Call    Oh and how was the temple!! 

A way nice hand of bananas we got at the market this week! 
Our humble abode (right next to the church might I add)   :)

I said goodbye to my dearest bicycle this week!   :(
A liccle going away dinner for Elder Wilding who is now an office Elder!   

Pine Tree in Jamaica!
 Elder Elliott and I got some new machetes!  We are ready to chop some yard!!


Some of our chopping work!!

A sweet church right in Spanish Town!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 24 - Jamaica - Spanish Town

Eric Joseph Call 
Hi momma how have ya been since last week? Ha the weeks are just blurring together it is way weird!  Zach emailed me and also Matt Jensen so I said hi to them super good to hear from both of them!  I love that picture of the good ole young men!  Miss all those stripling young men a lot!  Everything is going good here, we had a set back this week from Elder Elliott's bike wreck, but as of Saturday we don't use bicycles anymore in this mission so I have to sell mine or think of as member to give it to!  I love my bike so much to wha cha it was hard when I heard that, but oh well I'm living in Jamaica!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY also momma that was probably quite nice going to IHOP!!  I love you all very much and totally agree I have really seen the doctrine of Christ working in my life this week in repetition.  Also I finished the Book of Mormon this week as well!  Mom thank you for everything you do for me and just checking up like always and you got to meet good ole grandpa Lewis!  I'm so happy you guys got to see Elder Lewis or John now HA.  He is a stud and I hope you guys will get to see him more and I'm very excited to see and talk to you all in a couple weeks!  Love you very much
Elder Call


I tried the part this week!
Our liccle shortcut to one of our favorite areas to contact in.

Elder Elliott in some big ole grass!