Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 20 - Jamaica - Spanish Town

From: Eric Joseph Call
Date: April 3, 2017 at 6:04:21 PM MDT
Hi momma - HOPE YOUR DOING WELL BACK HOME AND YES WE DO HAVE A BUILDING NOW.   Next week we will send pictures.  I just wanted ya to know that I won't be able to send a weekly email this week our p-day has been crazy!  We came to Mandeville and played futbol with the Mandeville Zone!  I got to see Sister Grajek and Sister Jones so that was awesome!   I'm doing very well though mom so no worries I'm okay hahaha!  I do have one request though if you haven't sent my birthday package, you think you could throw my Rugby cleats in there if possible? :)  
We right now are working on finding people and getting a bigger teaching pool and that is going very well.  We have met many cool people and they are very promising!  Also Elder Lewis is going to BYU-I and will probably be stopping by our house on like the 16th and giving you some things I'll be sending home!  
Elder Call

Elder Lewis painting Mama Lue's bathroom.  (Mama Lue is President Lue's mom , he is the Stake President).

 Eric's comment:  way sick house here in Spanish Town - this one is a little nicer than others! 

Nice "liccle" street in Spanish Town.  "Jamaican version of little"

Golf Course in Mandeville.

 And some Bamboo in Mandeville! 


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