Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 19 - Jamaica - Spanish Town

MARCH 27, 2017 -
Transfer Day was March 22, 2017 
My 2nd Area -  SPANISH TOWN,  Jamaica

Arrived in Spanish Town (my 2nd area) 
on Wednesday, March 22nd!

Most of the photos below are with people I said goodbye to in Yallahs.  It was difficult to say goodbye to my friends in Yallahs!!

Hey momma Spanish Town is treating me great and I'm now settled in because I was serving with Elder Stevens as a Zone Leader for a few days, but now I'm in my area and I'm doing great!   Also I just wanted to let ya know that during the move, I'm not sure yet because I haven't unpacked, but I might have misplaced my picture book and my patriarchal blessing so I wouldn't mind at all if you sent out another mini patriarchal blessing and like two picture books with some pictures again and this time a couple hunting pictures:) and all the family (you can choose some pictures)!  I'm doing great though and right when I got here we had a baptism on Sunday morning before church.  It was cool to join Elder Elliot and Elder Lewis and bam baptism!  It has been kinda weird -  I haven't had as much time to study this week with moving and being a temporary zone leader and then moving again so ya very weird!  Well my recording says the rest but love ya and have a great week!  I did get your letter by the way also and awesome pictures!
love Elder Call

Saying goodbye to Russel and Ruel  - I am leaving Yallahs.

"Peace Out" to Leo and Marsha and the boys.

Secret wearing my helmet backwards (Brihannas liccle bredda)
 We are "COOL" picture of Secret, Me and Brihanna.  
Saying goodbye - I am leaving Yallahs. 

 Also saying goodbye to an awesome lady, Sister Meddow.
She fed us every Sunday while I served in Yallahs!

 SPANISH TOWN - My New Area - Arrived on March 22, 2017.
  The cows wander right through Spanish Town!!!  😉😏
At the airport picking up Elder Suywin - Elder Stevens new companion - they are the Zone Leaders. 

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